Industrial designer,
Facultad de Bellas Artes
U.N.L.P. 1979. School of Arts, National University of La Plata. Argentina

estudio lascano, industrial design
since 2001, director

Love is in details

With a direct , clear and  stripped style, her production, it is difficult to classify.  The diversity of typologies, materials and features  she deals with,  unifies  into  a rational language, where  an extreme attention to detail brights.

Lascano´s design is full of details. On her unprejudiced contemporary view, traditional items like a fireplace grill, or a high tech Polo saddle share their place; her proposals innovates not only in applications as in languages, and reveal her interest in the customs and knowledges that catalyze from a generation into the next What is also particular is how Lascano deals with the new technologies.

Her designs are produced and comercialized in Argentina and Brazil.

She also attended 100 % Design Tokyo, 100 % Design London, DMY Berlin, Museum of Decorative Arts in Frankfurt and Salão Design in Brazil ,Meet my project in Paris , DAC, Museo de las Artes de Guadalajara, Bid, Central de Diseño de Matadero, Madrid, and Meet my project Milan.

Her products have several awards and some of them are part of the Argentine Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires MAMbA .


Termographer (Design of photographic adaptor for a termographic screen used to precously detect breast cancer). TERMASCAN 1984

Home equipment, Trancoso, Bahia, Brasil. 1988

Bagan, dish container 1997

Ronda, Grill for fireplaces.2002

Quadra, tumbona 2003

Xingu, dressoire 2003 Trancoso, Bahia, Brasil

Ondulada, lamp shade

Talega, Fruit Bowl 2004

Children Square labyrinth 2005 part of the Mosaico Urbano Exhibition in the Arte Musivo Place, Italo Rinaldi foundation. Buenos Aires

Tutti Frutti, Salad Bowl

Ronda Brazier, and a number of accessories, a table height a tripod and a trolley chopping table for barbecues 2006

Beach equipment. Tostex, Trancoso, Bahia, Brasil 2006

Equis, chair Revisiting Herman Loos ‘U Chair

Talega, Fruit Basket. Wood version. 2007

Titán and Calypso, 2009 Programable rgb led torchs.

Lunar, chair 2009

Titan, Led table lighthouse 2010

Polux, led flashlight 2010

Saui, chair 2011 Trancoso Bahia Brazil

Zac, stool 2012

Zero stool, 2012

Sud, chair 2013 São Paulo, Brazil

Sud, table 2014 São Paulo, Brazil

Macumba, candle holders

Prende, Candle holders 2014

Yupi, Candleholders 2014

Dara, Carrier award 2014

Harem, Basquet 2015

Saku, Deckchair 2015

Araucaria, Side table 2016

Terrón, Poufs system 2016